Tuesday, April 28, 2009

SALSA Heaven!

Saturday April 25: Packed to capacity, people dancing in the aisles. Lehman Center for the performing arts was salsa heaven. Famous Salsa musicians Tony Vega, Lalo Rodriguez, Hector Tricoche, Luis “Perico” Ortiz, Orestes Vilato and Renzo Padilla, performed with Jimmy Delgado's Salsa Con Dulzura Orchestra. During the evening, Salsa's living legend Ismael Quintana was honored by The City Council of the City of New York, "For his extraordinary musical contributions and for fostering harmony through out the world." Later, when he sang the whole auditorium was on their feet with shouts of "Ismael we love you." Right through the evening, The audience were emotional, animated, cheering and running up to the stage. Both for the artists and the audience, this one night shall live on as a sweet treasured memory. It was a pleasure making these photographs while being jostled by a passionate audience. I do hope you enjoy them too. Click on the images to view names.

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