Wednesday, December 21, 2011

Celebrating Our Lady of Guadalupe in Norwood

10 days ago on a Sunday, live music from the street made its way into our living room. Curiosity insisted that the whole family investigate. 60 feet below at street level, we observed a colorful procession of people in traditional costumes, carrying icons of the Virgin Mary and flowers, lots of flowers. At the back of the parade was a predominantly wind and percussion band. Curiously, unlike the rest of the parade, the band was mostly devoid of color. They made up for it with their enthusiastic music.

Camera in hand, I gave chase down Tryon Avenue and finally caught up with my neighbors at the Woodlawn cemetery. The procession with a police escort, meandered through the neighborhood before culminating at St. Ann’s Church on Bainbridge Avenue. I would like to thank my fellow Norwood residents, for letting me document them celebrating their faith with their families. It was a moving experience for me.

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